Written by: Vasek Pospisil, November 2013

This is a self-written biography that is here solely for the purpose to inform.

Every word that is written is written by me, and to the best of my knowledge, the complete truth.  I pride myself in being honest, and out of respect to you the reader, have brought nothing short of that. This is, of course, just a factual outline of a much deeper and broader spectrum of events, situations, and people of significance that occurred in my lifetime. I am writing this to clear up misconceptions and to thank those who have helped me over the course of my career. If you are one of them, and I have not mentioned you, please do not take offence in not being included. Maybe some day the whole story will be written, but for now, a mere outline of events and facts will have to suffice. You may find what I have written to be boring, but it is not meant for entertainment. Maybe you are the only person who opened this page and to have gotten this far in the intro. If this is so, then you have already exceeded my expectations.