Closing & Thank you's

As someone who has been playing this sport his whole life and who has experienced a lot even at just the age of 23, I can say that to have someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as my father, then Niemeyer, and finally Fontang, was a blessing for me. I am also very fortunate to have the support of my two brothers, who are my best friends, and my parents who sacrificed so much for me. They always stood by my side and never wavered in their belief in me. I will forever be grateful to them and, especially, for what my mom and dad sacrificed for me, without whom I would not be where I am today.

If it wasn't for my dad, and then Niemeyer, and Fontang, I would not be the player I am today. These 3 great coaches (all three even better people) are the key to everything I have accomplished in my career to this point. Without them and without taking the steps that I took, that my father had planned with such precision, there's no knowing where I would be now.

If all I was meant to achieve was what I have achieved up to this point, there's nothing that can be done about it. Nothing is guaranteed. All I can guarantee is that I will continue to give 100% every time I step on the court and will continue to be grateful to those who helped me on this long journey and as I strive for more. A huge thanks to Milos Pospisil, Frederic Niemeyer, and Frederic Fontang.

Additional Thank You's & Honorable mentions:


  • Tennis Canada
  • Sam Boguslavsky
  • Tom Pospisil
  • Michael Cassidy
  • Thompson Family
  • Brian Day
  • Leslie Cole
  • Neil Davidson
  • Dal Gill


  • Guillaume Marx
  • Zdenek Strachon
  • Vadim Korkh
  • Jiri Novak
  • Ivo Silhanek
  • Dan Trcka

Strength & Conditioning

  • Jirka Shejbal
  • Keiran Foy
  • Jon Chaimberg
  • Andre Parent
  • Yann Sivy
  • Alain Jacquet
  • Jens Kieling
  • Reggie Zebbie


  • David Cox - Sports Psychologist
  • Jim Bovard - Sports Doctor
  • Carl Peterson - Physiotherapist
  • Michael Kates - Family Friend & Doctor
  • Jan Muller - Massage Therapist (TK Prostejov)
  • Jacques Hervet - Sports Psychologist

Tennis Clubs

  • TK Prostejov
  • IMG Academies
  • Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club
  • Jericho Tennis Club
  • People's Courts